Serving the interest of Texas-Oklahoma ANGUS Producers!
Red River Angus Association


The Red River Angus Association was founded on the principle of "members helping members".  

The R.R.A.A. welcomes both seed stock and commercial Angus producers. 

The goal of the association is to encourage the production of healthy beef cattle with improved genetics.  

The R.R.A.A. conducts regularly scheduled sales, ultrasound sessions and bull performance testing.  

Our regularly scheduled meetings provide fellowship and educational presentations on a variety of subjects of importance to the beef industry.
                                              HISTORY OF RED RIVER ANGUS ASSOCIATION

The beginning of an Angus association was first thought to be a Red River Angus Alliance. It was the dream of one Angus breeder who was just beginning in the business and who desired to breed quality animals and sell them locally. At the time, there were 4 other breeders who seemed somewhat interested.

All the marketing was going to be held at the Cooke County Fairgrounds Livestock Barn. The facilities were somewhat limited, but with a lot of thought, they would have been just what we needed for a small 40 or 50 lot sale. This location would provide a great place LOCALLY which would prevent breeders having to travel to other destination to conduct their sales. The charge for the livestock building was very attractive. However, the other new breeders weren't particularly interested in continuing in this venture. It was eventually put on hold.

On his regular run, Vernon Friederich stopped by the breeders ranch that had the alliance idea. The conservation turned to the alliance.  

Vernon took the ball and really ran with it.  
He scheduled a meeting at the Smokehouse in Lindsey, Tx., inviting all those interested to come discuss the potential for an alliance. During that first meeting, an association came to the forefront. It was decided that this would allow more breeders to participate. A core group of breeders were chosen to do the planning for the new association. It would be called the Red River Angus Association, and was to be headquartered in Gainesville, Texas.

Breeders chosen for the planning were: Paul Carpenter, Rodney Howell, Don Singleton, Earl Bengston, Wendell Berry, Vernon Friederich, Gerald Franklin, Thomas Kemp and Jack Thayer. This group met monthly in the ABS office of Vernon Friederich to discuss all items of need. After exchanging of ideas and even some disagreement, everyone was very positive about moving forward.

The first meeting of the RRAA was held on January, 2005 at the Smokehouse in Lindsay, Tx. 
Officers elected were: 
Jack Thayer - Pres.
Bob Berger - VP
Linda Kirkpatrick - Secretary
Vernon Friedrich - Treasurer 
Other board members were Rodney Howell, Paul Carpenter, Jerry Jones, Don Singleton and Earl Bengston. The Smokehouse continues to host our General Members' meetings, as well as the Board of Directors' monthly meetings. This board consisted of new breeders, old breeders and all sizes of ranches you could imagine.

The board designed the basic things for our members:
Ultrasound every two months 
Minutes of all meetings – board and regular membership. This was designed to insure all members had information about the association, whether they were present at the meetings or not. 
A list of all members having scales on their ranch. Members not having scales, could transport their animals to a ranch closest to their operation and “borrow” their scales. Thus, insuring accurate data for AHIR. 
Bull tests and sale dates were discussed in length as to place and date. 

Over time, our added Ultrasound, bull tests and bull sales have proved invaluable to our members. Of equal value, are our educational forums. Interesting and informative sessions at our regular meetings, are lead by board members and invited presenters. These excellent discussions provide unique insight to the needs and procedures in working with Angus cattle.

From it's inception, the association has grown and enjoys quite a large membership today.